Anna Wallis Rose,Paper,Scissors

Thank you for checking out Rose, Paper, Scissors, I’m Anna- the creative being behind this small, exciting wedding design studio!

My mission is to change the way people celebrate love. If you’re reading then the chances are you’re engaged? If so then congratulations!! What a wonderful, exciting time for you both!

But I have a challenge for you…I want you to question all of the usual wedding traditions that you’ve seen or heard in the past and to decide for yourselves how you want to celebrate your love and marriage to one another.

Your relationship is completely unique and your wedding should reflect this. I can help you achieve this by being your one-stop wedding creative designer! I will make sure everything is tailored completely to you and will design you bespoke wedding branding for every element to be inspired by so it all matches beautifully! 

Then, if you have ever been worried about the thought of having a stranger photograph you on one of the most important days of your life, why not let me photograph your wedding? After getting to know each other during the design of your stationery I will already know so much about your big day and the little details. You will be so much more relaxed around someone you’re familiar with and this will show in the photographs I capture of you throughout your celebrations.

If you like the sound of what I do then please get in touch and we can discuss more!


I’ve always had a creative outlook on everything in life and known I was destined to do something design based for my career. With degree in Graphic Design and Photography, these 2 skills have always run side by side for me and I wanted to find a way to combine them. So, after working as a Graphic Designer in agencies for 4 years I decided it was time to pursue my dreams…and so Rose,Paper,Scissors was born!


My first encounter with wedding stationery was when I received my cousin’s homemade wedding invitation as a student. To my delight I opened up a beautiful material pouch with cute hand drawn illustrations decorating the cards inside! I’d never received something so lovely and tactile in the post before – it made me so happy! It also made me realise how powerful invitations are.

You want your guests to know that they are cherished friends and family and feel honoured to have been invited to celebrate with you – a beautifully presented invitation does exactly this. They set the tone for the whole wedding and they are that daily reminder, sitting on the mantle piece or stuck on the pin board, getting everyone excited in the lead up to your big day.


Too often I hear people say  ‘..because thats what  you’re meant to do’. Most don’t stop to question why such out dated acts have become the norm or whether they agree with what such traditions represent.

This made me intrigued, so I began looking into traditions and found that most of the stories behind them are rather disturbing and very sexist…

While I never judge anyone for keeping traditions in their wedding, I want people to understand the stories behind them so they can make informed decisions as to whether they want to base their marriage on something they don’t actually agree with. Intrigued? Check out my blog.