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I’m Anna, designer, photographer and all-round creative being! Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re getting married – wahoo! 🙌 Perhaps you’re at the point of needing to invite your guests along and are looking for some stationery or maybe you need a hand with transforming your venue into a vision of wedding wonder? Well Rose, Paper Scissors is here for you!

We are a wedding design studio that caters for everyone – for all of you who want a wedding that reflects your own unique love story! We stand for those who want to say goodbye to outdated traditions and hello to genuine celebrations of love!

With a background in Graphic Design, Event Design and Photography, I see the world through a very creative lens! After receiving a very special, handmade invitation in the post from my cousin many years ago, I realised first hand how much joy can be bought to someone when they receive something so personal, fun and tactile! I then had the chance to design a family members wedding invitations and shortly after, photograph a friends wedding day and that was it – I was hooked! I became truly immersed in the crazy world of weddings and I fell in love with getting to be involved in making a couples wedding day even more special and unique!

However, it was soon clear to me that standard wedding magazines and blogs weren’t representative of how modern couples want to celebrate their love. So I started my own wedding design studio – Rose, Paper, Scissors, to offer creative solutions for fun-loving, untraditional, relaxed couples and their wedding celebrations.

My mission is to make the wedding planning process more fun, more personal, more beautiful and less stressful for you lovely couples out there! By offering the full creative wedding design service I hope that I can do this for you by cutting out multiple contracts, deposits, emails and invoices! I would love to hear from you and discuss how I can make this happen so, drop me message through the link below or email info@rosepaperscissors.com and i’ll be in touch soon! x